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HackerStopper is a website vulnerability checker and auditor. Using the latest technology and security updates, HackerStopper works to make sure that your site is safe from hackers.

HackerStopper is a security service that checks customer websites for vulnerabilities. Using the latest technology and security experts, we make sure your website will not be compromised by hackers.

Customers who use HackerStopper secured websites can complete transactions and submit private information with confidence. A HackerStopper logo and a message displaying the latest scan results will assure users they are safe on your site, and result in higher conversions of visitors to customers.

In today’s world of security breaches, identity theft, and phishing scams, it is essential to use HackerStopper to keep your site and your customers safe!

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Sites that display an up-to-date logo like HackerStopper on their web site enjoy higher conversion rates of visitors to customers. We keep your site secure and provide the perception that your site is secure.

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PwC: Security breach costs triple in 2 years for UK firms - A record number of security breaches is costing UK firms billions of pounds, according to a new survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
QLD senator defaced in hack attack - The web page of Queensland Labor Senator and Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, Jan McLucas, has been brought to its knees after a hacker defaced the web site.
Businesses 'vastly overconfident' on security - Businesses remain very overconfident about security, according to an extensive study on their practices.
The evil men (can) do with embedded systems - Embedded IT infrastructure is everywhere and full of holes evil-doers can use for world domination. How could stem the tide.
Controlling RFID tags to protect privacy - A researcher is working on technology he hopes will be able to control RFID tags and protect private information.
Apache project server hacked, passwords compromised - Hackers broke into a server used by the Apache Software Foundation to keep track of software bugs.
Schmidt: Private Sector Key to Stopping Google-style Attacks - Recent attacks against Google point to a danger White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt says we must confront. But the key to victory is not in the government. (See related articles under the Latest Headlines section to the right.)
Researchers track cyber-espionage ring to China - Researchers in the U.S. and Canada have tracked and documented a sophisticated cyber-espionage network based in China, dubbed Shadow, that targeted computers in several countries, including systems belonging to the Indian government and military.
Sourcefire to add blocking capabilities to virtualization security wares - Sourcefire's software for protecting VMware and Xen virtualization environments is limited to monitoring and intrusion detection. Full-blown intrusion protection with blocking capability is in the works.
Hacker Gonzalez gets 20 years for Heartland breach - Hacker Albert Gonzalez, who participated in a cybercrime ring that stole tens of millions of credit and debit card numbers, was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court to 20 years in prison.