HackerStopper is a website vulnerability checker and auditor. Using the latest technology and security updates, HackerStopper works to make sure that your site is safe from hackers and data breeches.

Vulnerability Detection

Automatic hourly website scanning detects problems and alerts webmasters.


Keep your user’s information private! In this age of data breeches, use our service to detect weaknesses.


HackerStopper secured sites inspire trust. Increase security and conversion rates!

About HackerStopper

Keep your website and visitors safe.

HackerStopper was started to help keep websites secure from mischevious hackers. Our mission is to keep our client’s websites safe.

Sites that display the HackerStopper badge enjoy higher conversion rates of visitors to customers.

We scan your website for vulnerabilities and provide the perception that your site is secure. 

HackerStopper uses the latest security scanning technology. We scan for any open and potentially dangerous ports on client webservers, and we check for script vulnerabilities. 

No scanning technology can guarantee 100% effectiveness, but using one will certainly make your site a lot more secure, and attractive to potential customers.


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